Tuk Tuk Tours - Tukallegro

TukAllegro is a family business that gives you a new experience while visiting the city of seven hills, Lisbon. It is a personalized and relaxed tour that takes you to the most important historical sites, while the corners and the most beautiful views of the city. The Tuk Tuk is a transport that allows you to visit places where other means of transport can not take because of its size, which allows you to save time too. In our society, we also want to pass a green image, offering the possibility of an electric vehicle with a capacity of 6 people.


Since 2006, helps a growing number of Windsurf practitioners, mainly devoted to tutor and teach Windsurfing and Paddle.

Lisbon Eco Tours

Feel the freedom to experience the beauty of Lisbon, in an Eco-friendly and Fun way! On board a Twizy, drive through the City of Seven Hills and hear the story of the Monuments, Places and Viewpoints, always oriented by our GPS Audio Guide, you will be able to contemplate and listen along this journey at your own pace. It is the best activity to explore Lisbon, the Twizy is an electric car and despite being silent attracts the attention of all The Self-drive Tours, gives you complete freedom to stop at the picturesque locations of Lisbon, go on a tour at your own pace, this ecologic car speaks to you, and tells the stories, curiosities, secrets of Lisbon and its people, in a relaxing way!

Smart Bus - Mobility Partner

With a current fleet of approximately 50 vehicles of varying capacities and configurations, specialized and adapted to each of our service areas, SmartBus provides a wide range of offers within our sector. From our most established and ubiquitous services like School and Special Needs Transport to the more niche and diverse offers in Tourism, and Urban Transport, all the way to our Airport transfer, VIP, Tour and Luggage Transport services.

Cascais Surf Riders/Ding It

Cascais Surf Riders/Ding It is a surf school & shops with more than 10 years, Surfing is for sure one of the best experiences Lisbon has to offer and it's also a great way to know Portugal and its beautiful beaches. The surf lesson will take place on the beach around Lisbon with the best surfing conditions on your surfing day. Most common sites are Carcavelos or Guincho Beach. Surf lesson lasts around one hour and a half to two hours depending on the surfer's physical condition.